ABOUT US, based at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, and a Christian Mission Church and Outreach Organization for the aivation community, but is open to everyone.

Our Mission:'s primary goal is to use aviation to help people in time of need and disaster through providing aviation services to the less-fortunate of the world.

The uniqueness of and the Affiliated Churches are that we are two Churches working together - a Non-Denominational Christian Church and an Independent Catholic Church; unheard of in these dark days!  Unity and Fellowship to help people! and its affiliated Churches are supported solely through financial donations and donations of cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, recreational vehicles, ATV's and other items.  We use these donations to effectively assist in the transportation and delivery of people and goods to areas of need, for emergency medical services and transport, and air rescue. urgently needs donations.

Working Together for the good of mankind, we put religious, denominational, and doctrinal beliefs aside. is a Christian/Catholic Outreach Mission Church organized and supported by several Catholic, Protestant and other Religious Churches and Charitable Organizations that help people in-need, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Our Air Support Services: is supported by RPM COMMANDER, LLC., a privately owned, aviation logistics and air services management company, which supplies, operates, services, maintains, and manages the aircraft and aircrew and trains the Pilots.

Our Pilots:  Pilots who volunteer to fly for Pilots, volunteer their time directly to the Mission Pilots Program.  Most of the Pilots come to fly with to build their flight time for up to one year to qualify for a career advancement in aviation and a position in corporate pilot or airline pilot environment. After the Pilots builds the required time, then recommends them to the major airline carriers and commuter regional airline carriers for a Pilot position, or go onto corporate pilot jobs, or even going back to become Flight Instructors (again).  For those Pilots who are not citizens of the United States, these Pilots are recommended to foreign airlines and companies for corporate or airline Pilot positions. assists its Pilots in advancing their careers through job placement assistance.

Our Aircraft:  RPM Commander, LLC., supplies MissionPilots with a variety of aircraft.  The aircraft used by depends on the type of mission the program flies.  At different times, uses twin-engine Aero Commanders, twin-engine Piper Navajos, twin-engine Piper Senecas, twin-engine Cessnas and other twin-engine aircraft, and sometimes it uses single-engine aircraft.  RPM Commander is searching for several larger Douglas DC 3 twin-reciprocal engine and other turbine-engine aircraft for MissionPilots use.  Future plans will include turbine-prop and pure jet engine, twin engine aircraft.

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