Our Mission:
To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and bring mankind closer to God through air transportation by assisting in the transportation and delivery of people and goods to areas of need and for emergency medical services and transport and air rescue., missions include many aspects of aviation:

1.  Emergency Medical Transport for People & medical supplies;

2.  Air Rescue and Observation;

3.  Air Transport of goods and people to relief areas;

4.  Flight Time building for Pilots who volunteer to fly aircraft;

5.  Deliver Religious Supplies to areas of need;

6.  And whatever else is needed to be done, that can or needs to be done using aircraft and other aviation-related logistics services.

Working Together For God's Kingdom:  We put denominational and doctrinal beliefs aside for the work of Jesus Christ. is a an Outreach Mission Church organized and supported by several Non-Denominationl and Protestant Christian and Independent Catholic Churches:

Our Affiliated Churches:

  • Grace Church of Miami Shores, Inc. (non-denominational Protestant) (
  • Christ Catholic Church - Worldwide (Independent Catholic) (
  • Mission Pilots Church (Independent Catholic & non-denominational Protestant))
  • Charlies Angels Outreach Church (non-denominational Protestant) (

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